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    Qingdao Weihong Metal Work Co.,Ltd is located in Asia's largest rubber production base - Qingdao Jiaonan, benefit from the convenience of the larger environment, the product of a comprehensive system supporting all kinds of spare parts, at the same time powerful design. Park traffic extending in all directions, near the Provisional National Road 204, bounded by three highways pass the entrance two kilometers east of Qingdao Port on 15 kilometers, 80 kilometers Qingdao airport...

    hand trolley

    wheel barrow

    tool cart

    rubber wheel





    • Tel:86-532-83195688
    • Fax:86-532-86198989
    • Mobile:18653288828
    • Msn:klmj555633@hotmail.com
    • Mail:qdweihong@126.com
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